Dennis Sikanyika


                    Date of birth: 1974


Family: Dennis is married and has two Little daughters, Ines (5 yrs) and Anna (3 yrs). he is taking care of six children plus the sister of his wife. 

family Background: Dennis Comes from a polygamous Background, his dad is married to more than one women and has many children.  Dennis grew up together with his nine siblings in the northern part of Zambia. He went to a government School from grade 1-12 there. After graduating in 1997 he went to live with his uncle who worked as a police man in Lusaka. Shortly after Dennis moved to the City, his uncle died from HIV. He then had to provide for himself by working at a paving stone Company, so he never went to college .  He moved to Kabanana in 2008.

teaching background: Dennis got the Vision about opening a School for the vulnerable from God. when he saw the great needs of the children in the compound, he started teaching a couple of Kids under a mango tree. It didn't take Long until there were more than 200 children coming to his daily lessons. Not only the lack of Books as well as any teaching materials was a big challenge, it was also hard to gather that many Kids under a tree. As soon as the rain Season started, they had to cancel the lessons.

Thanks to Luwizhi's Act of Mercy and many Sponsors, Dennis' Vision of a "real" School came true in 2013 by getting a property, Building the first classroom and hiring teachers to Support him.

Dennis is doing a distance education program to get a teaching degree which he will complete by the end of 2019. This will finally make him a qualified teacher.