Linda and Chilanga

Freedom Compounds

Linda compound has over 3000 families. Most of the people have no means of employment.  On average people live on less than One Dollar a day. There is a need to help the people become self-sufficent.


One of the major challenges is that the people do not have the means to educate their children. We are assisting over 240 children with food, clothing and school supplies.We would like to create child sponsorship programs.


At both locations, Linda and Freedom compounds, we are working under the leadership of Pastor Phillip Ng'une.


Additional Mercy Mission activities include clothing distribution, school uniforms and school fees for orphans and marginalized children in these communities.


We desire to establish better water supplies and proper sanitation for the schools, orphanage centers, as well as mosquito netting throughout the area.


Our ministry efforts include the showing of the Jesus Film, evangelism, teaching , preaching and running a pastor's conference center to help with Church planting.