Light for Future Primary School Ng'ombe

Light for Future School (LFF) was found by Maureen Banda, a local from Ng'ombe which is a densely populated, poor compound in Lusaka. Today there are 150 kids from preschool level up to grade 4 coming to LFF every day. All students are vulnerable or orphans and are not able to access education at a public (government) school. No-one is paying tuition fees and all school materials are either bought by Maureen or by individual sponsors who have a heart for the vulnerable.

a little history:

In 2014 Maureen started to volunteer with a non-profit organization that was running a community school in Ng'ombe. Soon the organization changed the emphasis from education to farming, so they were closing the school leaving all vulnerable kids behind. Five children kept showing up at Maureen's for education because they were not able to access education elsewhere. Even though Maureen had managed to find a paid employment elsewhere, she continued teaching these kids in her free time. 

In July 2015 she rented a little room nearby in an unfinished building and started using it as a classroom every Saturday. rain season was a struggle since the classroom did not have a proper roof. In 2017 the school was able to employ two volunteer teachers, high school graduates from Ng'ombe, who started to teach primary students from Monday to Friday. That was when they found a small two-room building in the heart of Ng'ombe compound for rent. A third volunteer teacher was hired in November 2018. 

It was in May 2018 when we decided to support Light for Future School. Thanks to sponsors we have been able to support LFF from time to time with school supplies, teacher's salaries and rent.


        Would you consider supporting LFF in prayer and/or financially?
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