Titus Sinyangwe Junior


Grades 5 + 6

                            Date of Birth: 1994

Family: Titus is living together with his parents and four out of his five siblings. He was born in a town south of Lusaka, his family moved to the city when he was a toddler. He went to a community school. Titus' Dad (also named Titus) is working at Hope&Future School as well.

Teaching Background: When Titus finished Grade 7 at community school, his family didn't have the finances to send him to a government secondary school for further education. Titus always wanted to get a good education and to become a teacher eventually, so he was looking for sponsors for his own school education. A nun living in his neighborhood made it possible for him to attend secondary school until graduating in 2015. He did not find a job after his graduation, so he started to teach on a voluntary basis at the local clinic where he is still giving HIV education classes until today. He started to teach at Kabanana Hope&Future School in March 2017. In Fall of 2017 his dream came true and thanks to some sponsors he was able to start university. He is doing a degree program in secondary teaching.