Titus Sinyangwe Senior

Date of Birth: 1966

Family: Titus is married and has five children.

Family Background: Titus comes from a big family with more than 8 siblings. His father died in 2018 at the age of 101 which made him one of the oldest Zambians.

Teaching Background: Titus did not have a paid job for a long time due to high unemployment in Kabanana. He always kept busy with teaching at the local clinic, being a volunteer community worker for a children's welfare organization and supporting hope&Future School. together with Zanet he started women's literacy classes every evening after the students have left the building. Titus is still volunteering with a local children's welfare organization where he goes to visit and support families with multiple problems such as drug/alcohol abuse or sexual abuse within Kabanana and neighboring compounds. That's why he knows Kabanana and its people very well and always has an open door to listen to young people. Hope&Future School made him Child Protection Officer in 2018.