Zanet Siame

assistant principal, teacher Grade 7

                       Date of Birth: 1989

Family: Zanet is not married. He recently moved back in with his mother to support her since she is sick and takes care of different children in her house. Zanet used to live in the school building for a couple of years because he did not have the resources to have his own home.

Family Background: Zanet was born in a small village where he went to a community school. He has five siblings, only two of them got a proper school education. The family came to Lusaka when Zanet's dad passed away in 2000. his mom is taking care of some of her own children as well as a couple of grandchildren and a Foster child. She used to work as the school cook until she couldn't be near fire anymore due to her health condition. She is not working now which makes it hard for her to provide for her family. One of Zanet's younger brothers is fostered by headmaster Dennis.

Teaching Background: Zanet always wanted to become a teacher but he couldn't afford college. To earn money for a living after graduating from HighSchool, he sold grocereies on the streets. That was when he first met Dennis. Zanet soon decided to help Dennis teach the big group of children under the mango tree on a voluntary basis. That made him the first teacher at Kabanana Hope&Future School. Ever since he supported Dennis and together they started Hope&Future. In December 2018 Zanet's biggest dream came true - he started a degree  program for secondary teaching at a local university thanks to international sponsors.